Schools owned by the Pardubice Region

Schools owned by the Pardubice Region
Schools owned by the Pardubice Region

Start of the project: 2007

Number of buildings: 36

Investments ex. VAT (CZK): 50 503 105

Guaranteed annual savings (CZK): 8 770 000

Duration of the project (in years): 12

Four large-scale EPC-based energysaving projects were implemented in the Pardubice Region during 2007-2008, which in addition to hospitals and social care institutions, also deal with schools.

The task was to reduce costs, particularly in connection with heating and technology for cost-saving preparation in a total of 36 school buildings, including secondary schools, vocational schools, higher vocational schools, youth homes and school canteens.

Some buildings underwent complete reconstruction or an upgrade of the heat production and distribution system. In most cases, a direct individual room control system (DIRC) has been installed. This system allows setting heating modes to ideally adapt heat supply and in particular to the time needs of individual rooms according to their actual use. Modes can be set either locally or from a vendor's central control room.