Supplies and Project Management


ENESA designs and supplies reconstruction of power-engineering systems not only in the context of EPC projects, but also on the basis of any other supply contract. Economic benefits for the customer are important for every type of the project.

Within preparation of the projects, it is important to assess the current status comprehensively. To find out where and how you can effectively reduce energy consumption on the end appliances, whether it is possible to recover waste energy, or whether it is possible to reduce power losses in the distribution. To propose a technical solution so that it is economically beneficial. Once the savings in energy consumption are conceptually resolved, it has a point to discuss the draft of technologies for a more efficient and environmentally-friendly energy generation.

If the customer’s energy system is more complicated and works with more forms of energy (heat for space heating and hot water preparation, process heat, process steam, air conditioning, cooling, electric heating, lighting, water, etc.), it is ideal to address all comprehensively and in mutual relations.

Once the design is finished and approved by the customer, it is possible to proceed to the implementation:

  • to prepare project documentation
  • to ensure its approval by the State Supervision Authorities
  • to carry out all deliveries and installation work
  • to bring the entire facility into operation
  • to train customer staff

During implementation, mainly rigorous project management is important, i.e. the correct co-ordination of the work of individual professions and sub-contractors so that the various stages of the implementation properly follow up and that the resulting work is fully functional.