Hospital of the town Ceska Lipa

Hospital of the town Ceska Lipa
Hospital of the town Ceska Lipa

Start of the project: 2018

Number of buildings: 4

Investments ex. VAT (CZK): 90 000 000

Guaranteed annual savings (CZK): 13 500 000

Duration of the project (in years): 10

With an annual energy saving of CZK 13.5 million, the Ceska Lipa Hospital will bring a complex of energy-saving measures, which will be completed in the beginning of 2018. In addition to savings, improvements will make for greater comfort for both employees and patients. The project realized by EVČ (since 1 January 2019 ENESA a.s.) received an honorary mention in the nationwide competition for the best energy-efficient EPC method for 2017. Thanks to the project, the cost of energy, gas and water will be half.

The modernization involved primarily heating, including hot water heating, air conditioning renovation, as well as lighting and measures to reduce water consumption. The reconstruction was in full operation, but the patients had little effect.

Changes will have a positive impact on the internal environment. Both employees and patients would feel it. Part of the project is an individual heating control system that allows you to set the temperatures according to the hours of operation or the activities that take place here.