Mladá Boleslav Regional Hospital

Mladá Boleslav Regional Hospital
Mladá Boleslav Regional Hospital

Start of the project: 2023

Number of buildings: 5

Investments ex. VAT (CZK): 83 246 100

Guaranteed annual savings (CZK): 7 828 000

Duration of the project (in years): 10 let

As part of the modernisation, which took place during full operation, 10 air handling units were reconstructed. Wherever possible, the air exchange is controlled automatically according to the amount of CO2 measured. On the roofs of the two pavilions, a PV plant consisting of more than 250 photovoltaic panels with an output of 114 kWp has been installed. Significant savings, as well as improved indoor conditions for both patients and staff, are provided by a computer-controlled individual room control (IRC) system in each room, which is monitored from a new central control room.

Changes have also been made to the internal lighting, the modernisation of which is one of the most effective energy-saving measures today. 3 840 fluorescent and incandescent lamps were replaced with modern LED lighting, resulting in a two-thirds saving in electricity. The net return on investment in lighting is therefore 3.5 years. Even more interesting results can be achieved with water saving measures, the cost of which has tripled in the last 20 years.