Prague Pankrác Prison

Prague Pankrác Prison
Prague Pankrác Prison

Start of the project: 2022

Number of buildings: 15

Investments ex. VAT (CZK): 141 000 000

Guaranteed annual savings (CZK): 8 000 000

Duration of the project (in years): 5 let

"We started thinking about the project several years ago. The main reason for such a large-scale project was the deteriorating state of the energy management and prison buildings. So now instead of two old laundries we have a new modern central laundry, and the old central steam boiler room has been replaced by an efficient hot water boiler room, including a powerful heat pump. The lighting has also undergone a significant transformation at a total cost of CZK 3.3 million," explains Simon Michailidis, Director General of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic. 

The project also includes insulation of the buildings and new windows. Since the construction of the prison began in 1885, it was necessary to comply with the requirements of the National Heritage Institute.  The insulation, as well as higher quality but more efficient LED lighting, has brought greater comfort to both staff and inmates, of which there are nearly 1,100 on the premises.

Consistent energy management also helps to monitor the amount of savings.