Schools in Mělník

Schools in Mělník
Schools in Mělník

Start of the project: 2008

Number of buildings: 4

Investments ex. VAT (CZK): 3 540 000

Guaranteed annual savings (CZK): 770 000

Duration of the project (in years): 10 let

The project was established as a continuation of co-operation in 19 energy audits which took place in 2006. The basis of energy saving measures is the installation of the individual heating control system in individual rooms and the establishment of the energy management system.

The individual control system allows individually adjusting heating modes in each room of school building and therefore ideally adapt the supply of heat especially according to temporal needs of each room depending on their actual use. Setting of the modes can be carried out either locally and / or from the central control of ENESA which therefore, has direct control over the heat management and can effectively implement the energy management.